Topics: Education, Final examination, School terminology Pages: 2 (754 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Generally, the final exam determines the overall grade and this in itself is a great flaw in the idea of final exams. It encourages students to take short-cuts and learn only what is needed for the exam, rather than rewarding those who have worked hard to learn all that they can throughout the year. It also adds a lot of pressure to students and some students who work very hard but do not do well in exam conditions may end up getting worse grades than the student who crammed the night before and was cool under pressure. This is very unfair and makes the students' overall grades less credible as evidence of their academic ability. Furthermore, it has been proven that rote-learning for final exams is not a good way to learn because everything is crammed into the short-term memory. Students will remember facts and figures just long enough to be able to write it down during the exam. That knowledge is all but lost almost immediately after the exam because nothing was retained in their long-term memory. Students may fool themselves into thinking that they must know everything, because they managed to pass. They will have no motivation to study during the year if they think they can get away with cramming a few days prior to the exam and pass. Year after year, students may fall further behind and may eventually graduate without a lot of the prerequisite knowledge they should have gained from the previous years. Aside from their lack of knowledge, students going to work in the real world will also lack the discipline to work hard and manage their time wisely, resulting in them doing only the bare minimum, and only at the last minute. Thus, final exams may not only hinder the education process but it will also instil in students bad habits and attitudes towards work which will hinder their careers and their future, too…………………… As with many educational dilemmas, the pendulum of the necessity of final exams continually swings from needed to useless and back again. As a...
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