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Do you agree that education is no longer the key to success? Q-Do you agree?
K-Education, no longer, key, success
T- Education
Education in the past had been deemed as a must for one to have a bright future. However in today’s world, the success brought about by education becomes subjective to people. This brings about many controversies as to whether education is really essential for us to succeed in life. Education exists in many forms, ranging from paper qualifications to character education, all with a common target to empower the knowledge and information of people. It is only through education that a person can be judged based on his capabilities and qualifications for his future endeavours. Personally, I feel that education caters to the various aspect of success in life. In my opinion, success is the amount of material well-being as well as the lessons learnt to value add oneself in the end. Hence I believe that education still remains as one of the key factors in life. BODY

Point 1:
Topic Sentence:
The focus of education now is a more adaptable-based economy where creativity and the ability to adapt to various changes is the key to success. Elaboration:
-The world has become more interconnected than before. With the use of mass media, ideas and information are widely spread throughout the world and are easily obtainable. -Through education, people learn the skill to exhibit their opinions and make informed decisions in life with the information they acquired. -People will acquire their own sets of solutions to problems using the resources they learnt, and are able to creatively alter working attitudes and styles to suit the needs of the society. This greatly aids them in adapting and integrating into the society quicker.

For example, Schools have begun incorporating external curricular learning where students are encouraged to expose themselves to different contents to promote critical thinking and discussion among peers. Concluding Statement:

Hence this encourages people to constantly bring up new ideas and opinions to their peers via read extensively. Thus the importance of education helps to cultivate learning and value-adding themselves in order to survive in the pressure cooker. Point 2:

Topic Sentence:
Education builds the foundation and basis of a person and also imparts life-long learning attitude and skills which are essential tools for success. Elaboration:
-To be successful in life, a person should be able to make morally-sound and informed decisions. This will not only prevent the person from being morally upright but also learning from pass mistakes. -In addition, with the right attitudes in mind, a person can become more self-motivated and thus achieving success in their economic goals. Education helps students pick up good habits and recognize what is right and wrong. -A more appropriate learning venue will be the school. They have rules in place and students will be given chances to learn from their mistakes even if they have broken the rules. In other words, schools allow students to learn more effectively aside from the regular curriculum. Example:

For example, when a student is caught committing theft in school, he or she would likely to be punished rather than being put behind bars. Thus, schools and classroom are often thought as the ‘safe’ place to make mistakes. It is in these places that students are able to learn from their mistake and not repeat it. Concluding Statement:

The crucial thing about Education is the fact that student effectively learn when they are being put into a situation. The learning process becomes optimal when they are able to resolve the problem independently. More importantly, they learn the skill of dealing with situations. Point 3:

Topic Sentence:
Education allows people to be exposed to new opportunities which serve as an essential stepping stone to success. Elaboration:
-Education can help one to break away from...
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