Educating Rita

Topics: Working class, Social class, Middle class Pages: 3 (1195 words) Published: June 8, 2011
When someone moves into the world there are many challenges they must overcome such as attitudes, individuals and beliefs. In the play ‘Educating Rita’ written by Willy Russel and ‘Gran Torino’ directed by Clint Eastwood, beliefs, attitudes and individuals are challenged. The protagonists have had to question their attitudes and beliefs before they could move ahead into the new world. The main ideas that are experienced are family, sacrifice and choice. Some of the techniques are symbolism, transition, language and stage directions. Change happens to everyone, mentally and physically and it can happen at any time. As we grow up you enter another phrase of your life and a need to take a place in society.

In the play ‘Educating Rita’, Rita is a 26-year-old mature woman, seeking an education, as she didn't take the opportunity to learn when she was a younger student, because of the environment she lived in and the fact she didn't want to learn due to her existence at school and her working class culture. Rita wants choice and to gain this she needs an education, so she finds herself studying at the Open University where she meets her tutor Frank, a middle aged alcoholic who has the key to an education Rita wants and needs.

Rita wants change and her husband Denny has pressured her to stay the same, Rita says ‘he’s blind, he doesn’t want to see’ and she has realised the damage she caused herself, acting like someone she isn’t. Frank soon discovers that Rita has a lot more common sense than the so-called educated class within which he moves. Rita believes that educated people have better lives and have all the answers that Rita wants to find out. She believes that if she gains this education she will know all the answers to lifes questions and have a much better life. Rita doesn’t have her own culture and doesn’t believe she has anything in the working class culture but Frank thinks there is a lot more to her then she knows. As she goes through her journey she...
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