Educating Rita

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Educating Rita- INTO THE WORLD

Remember T.E.E
Link both play and podcast together

Include Educating Rita, 1985, Willy Russell
Frank and Rita’s worlds are challenged by each other
Talk about the podcast and how it links to ‘into the world’

Body one- Edu Rita
Excel book!
1 quote from Rita
1 quote from Frank
Metaphor “ I’m comin in, aren’t I? its that stupid bleedin handle on the door. You wanna get it fixed!”. This quote is important as it reflects Rita’s initial challenge. The quote acts as a metaphor, comparing the door to her life, a new life faced with challenges and struggles, emphasising that getting an education will be a difficult. The quote also shows Rita’s lack of education by the lower class colloquial slang she uses, compared to Frank’s upper class sophisticated vocabulary.

Frank “What can I teach you?” The quote shows how Frank is willing to give up he knowledgeable education to help Rita. It reflects him as he leaves his world to enter Rita’s world and help her overcome her education ‘difficulties’, further implying that they both help each other transform.

Act one scene two Rita- “ Hello I was just oilin it for y’. This quote shows how Rita is opening up and the doorway to her life is becoming easier to enter into. This acts as a step to overcoming a challenge and reflects the topic into the world. Again the quote replicates a metaphor of going into the world.

Body 2- Podcast
Using humour at the beginning her speech to set the context, opening the audiences perspective and letting them get an insight into her world as she describes her life. “ These people are tall, wear red, and kill lions… I am one of these people” Tone – changes when she quotes “ I was just finishing grade 8 and this was a transition into high school” after humour this tone become sad and low as she describes that she is going to become a woman by the rite of passage ceremony and her dreams of being a teacher...
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