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Topics: Working class, Upper class, Middle class Pages: 4 (1535 words) Published: July 27, 2013
Ayesha Evarts year 12.

“moving into the world means confronting society”
To what extent is this demonstrated in your prescribed text and at least ONE related text?

Moving into the world means confronting society. By doing this it involves change both physically, mentally and challenges through obstacles. This is shown in the play “Educating Rita” Willy Russell and the book “Piggybook” by Anthony Browne. Both these texts engage on confronting society and going higher in the working class world.

Rita is a twenty-six year old hairdresser from Liverpool who has decided to get a higher education. Not the sort of education that would get her just a better job, but an education that would open up for her a whole new working- class world, a liberal education. Rita wants to be a different person, and live an altogether different sort of life than she has been living so far. She enrolls in the Open University, a government program that allows non-traditional students to get the kind of higher education that used to be reserved more or less for the offspring of the upper classes. "Educating Rita" describes the trials and transformations that the young hairdresser has to go through to develop from a person with hardly any formal schooling at all into a student who passes her university exams with ease and distinction. Frank Bryant is a disappointed intellectual who has no real use anymore for literature, culture, or the life of the mind. Frank accepted the offer to be Rita’s tutor in order to support his drinking habit. Introducing working people in particular to the world of higher education seems utterly pointless to him. He himself would much rather go to a pub than spend the evening instructing some disadvantaged student.

From Act one, Scene one and two, it is clear that Rita faces several obstacles in her ordinary world. Firstly, her ordinary world strips her of her individuality and prevents her from becoming educated. This is because individuals in her...
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