Educated Unemployment

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India's educated youths are facing some serious issues like educated unemployment and underemployment. Currently, in India, we have fairly low inflation but unemployment is high. In particular, educated unemployment is very high. It is around 20 % among graduates. One suspects that political instability in the country, lack of entrepreneurship, lack of quality education and quality students, for instance is the result of excessive unemployment.

Bad education is hurting the economy. Recently Mr. kapil Sibal has tried to de-affiliate some of the colleges. Colleges play a very vital role in making students. If colleges provide quality education, the scenario would be better. There are many private and old government colleges which fail to do this and hence provides a less skilled graduate. Opening of more private engineering colleges are fuel to the unemployment problem.

Education has just become a profession. Colleges are being set up not to give quality education but to earn money. I highly appreciate the step taken by our education minister to modernize our present education system but still lot needs to be done. I also appreciate the removal of board examinations of Xth standard. Many of us may feel this hard harmed the competency among the students. Yes, that was the idea!!! Children of 16 years are unable to take such high pressures mounted over them.

Another factor for increased unemployment is the pressure from parents. Educated unemployment is due to a mismatch between the aspirations of graduates and employment opportunities available to them. It is seen in Indian community that parents put his son after getting 95% in science stream in view to make him an Engineer or a Doctor. Parents hardly think what his child wants to study, what are his wishes.

Now a day craze of Engineering has gone sky high. Students move to any private colleges and take admission. They feel Engineering is the way to earn...
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