EDUC 301 Reflection

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Reflection Form
(Due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 6 with the Lesson Plan!)

Candidate: Alyssa Vaughan

All sections below should be addressed with thorough responses; phrases and incomplete sentences are not acceptable. Key words such as “since,” “because,” “through,” “using” etc...should be seen throughout the document explaining the way that various competencies were met. Be sure to include things you would change in your lesson in order to improve your effectiveness as an instructor.

Your Reaction to your Performance about the Topic
What did you do before you taught your lesson to make sure your lesson would be effective and run smoothly?

I did several hours of research about how students first responded to the topic of fractions and read several reviews of lessons. I wanted to insure that while students were introduced to the topic effectively I didn’t want to overload them with information. Set

Describe your “set” (the way you opened your lesson). How did you begin your lesson in order to gain student interest? Was it effective? Why or why not?

I opened my lesson by asking students to describe what they already knew about fractions. This gives the instructor a startin point to work with as well as gauging the students knowledge of the subject. Allowing students to share the information with their peers allows for students to learn new information with earning class participation. Instructional Strategies

How did the strategies you chose affect the learning and involvement of students? I believe that the different areas of instruction were of benefit to the students. There was a wide variety of instruction from lecture, auditory explanations, hands on activities and group acitvities. While their was ample opportunity for instruction time there was also time for the students to explore the given information on their own and in groups.

Diversity / Differentiation
How did you differentiate instruction...
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