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Erin Faith C. Miranda Reflection Paper EDFD 116 DELIKADO AKO DITO, TAMA BANG PINASOK KO TO? That was the first thing that entered my mind when my teacher in EDFD116 finished her introductory remarks on the first day of our class. But now that almost 3 months had passed, I realized that I would have regretted it if I entertained the thought of escape, of giving up on this subject. Since day 1, yes, there was the fear that I would fail in this subject. But good thing, I didn’t let that fear eat up my hope that I’d be able to survive this course through effort, determination and faith. Why am I afraid in the first place you might ask? I’m a pessimist to begin with. I’m afraid with the teacher. She seems like a “terror” profess and her requirements seems to be demanding and heavy for me. Case analysis, investigations, and a portfolio. Then she asks questions like we’re on a hot seat. She has this loud, angry-like voice. And her questions are doesn’t have definite answers to it like 1 plus 1 in math. There is are no right or wrong answers, only sensible and tactful ones. Our answers would be based on our own opinion and understanding. Of course, being the pessimist that I am, I’m so afraid to give a senseless answer, afraid that my classmates have a different understanding and might laugh at my answer. Now, I’m just so thankful that I took this subject. It has helped me and it still is, in every way that it could help me. I learned so many things since day 1. And it turned out that my teacher isn’t really mad. She’s just like that. I mean, her voice was just really loud. And she’s just really active. I’ve never felt rejected in any way even if sometimes I think my answers were senseless. She makes us think all the time. And for me it is a great way to learn. She doesn’t tell us what to do, what to believe in, what is the correct way to teach this and that, what to avoid. She just facilitates the learning inside the classroom. She just guides us through the

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