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Week 2 Lesson Plan
Eva Faulkner
Instructor Melissa Phillips
December 16, 2013The focus of my project will be United States History up until 1865. The grades I will teach will be middle school 6th through 8th. I love history and how the United States were built. In Missouri the state standard cores are covered in my lessons of history up to 1865. One would be the relationships of the individual and groups to institutions and cultural traditions. That is why I choose to write three separate lesson plans on the Salem Witch Trials. These trials define a time in US history when some older traditions and new world ideas clash. The combination of church and state allowed for the church to rule the masses by fear and torment. The three instructrual models I choose to format my lesson plans are based on Concept Attainment, Socrates Seminar and Direct Instruction. Direct Instruction:

Salem Witch Trials of 1692
Sixth grade through Eight grade
Students will need to learn the following
17th century New England and how the innocent people were persecuted for practicing witchcraft How people acted ( who were not considered to be a witch)
How people acted that gave out the impression they might be a witch Material needed would include
Text books
City record of Salem , MA
Use Text books such as, The Salem Witch Trials or Witchcraft in Salem. After reading ask your student to evaluate the material in which the choose to do research. How would something written in the 20th Century compare to something written in the 17th Century. How accurate do they feel the writings were Discuss if the students believe that the earlier writing may have been more biased because of the times and individuals were so narrow minded back then. Discuss how things might be different now a days compared to the 17th Century Discuss the type of people being accused versus the one doing the accusing. How did the Salem Witch Trials come to an end? Were there any...

References: Gregory, G. & Chapman, C. (2013). Differentiated instructional strategies: One size doesn’t fit all (3rd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Ltd./Corwin Press
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