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Topics: Motivation, Reward system, Operant conditioning Pages: 3 (1127 words) Published: August 20, 2012
Effects of Extrinsic Reinforcement
EDU 372

Effects of Extrinsic Reinforcement

The topic that I have chosen to do my research paper on is the effects of extrinsic reinforcement on students. I have chosen this topic because there are many different behavioral modifications that you can try on students and it is hard to know which the best to do is. Extrinsic reinforcement is a type of modification which uses positive reinforcement as a way to correct behavior. This kind of modification uses a reward system to positively enforce good behavior and they will lose their reward when they do some sort negative behavior. I believe that deciding which type of behavior modification you are going to use not only in the classroom but with your children is very important to the way they interpret good and bad behaviors.

Akin-Little, K., Eckert, T. L., Lovett, B. J., & Little, S. G. (2004). Extrinsic Reinforcement in the Classroom: Bribery or Best Practice. School Psychology Review, 33(3), 344-662. The authors Akin-Little, Eckert, Lovett, and Little debate the effect of using the extrinsic reinforcement in the classroom and other types of setting. There have been many theorists that have believed this using a reward is not a good method and they have cautioned against it. However, the theorists have little if any detrimental effect to using this method. In this article they put their emphasis upon the data-bases findings to argue their debate. The article conclude that there is only little detrimental effects found if you use external reinforcement and they simply advise for readers to use reinforcement programs appropriately in educational setting. The article also explains how the positive reinforcement has been shown to work well for students and that it is important for teachers to use it correctly. One of the important points made in the article is to follow guidelines and to not only give reinforcement for participation but for the quality of the...
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