Edsa Revolution

Topics: Philippines, Police, Ferdinand Marcos Pages: 4 (1345 words) Published: March 20, 2013

Under the supervision of Ferdinand Marcos, September 1972. Marcos declared the Martial Law. When Martial Law was enacted, all of Ferdinand’s enemies in politics had been arrested. And in that time, the security in the country had been restricted. Martial Law is declared against the former Defense Secretary/Minister where at by now is a Senate. Martial Law has a mission, and it is to avoid harm from the communist. But in case of retrieving, the communist fight for they’re right. And the more that they became strong because of they’re unity. There were so many innocent people died because if the fight between the government and the communist. There are several persons are accused that they are part of the Communist Party of the Philippines. Most of them died. Marcos wanted to have a new society through the Martial Law, and Marcos won because all Filipino’s are afraid with Marcos. This victory gives a lot of many good changes in the society, such as the good health and green environment, peaceful surroundings. In the administration of Marcos, the program was enacted which is the “PLEDGES” that stands for Peace and order, Land Reform, Economic Development, Government reforms, Educational reforms, and Social services. This program has a good motive, but suddenly, this program is just only a promise. Only promise papers. His new society covered with worries and fear because of his one rule, to abide all of his rules without any doubt. Although he had a merry contribution, the corrupt money is merrier. In the 21years of service, Marcos contributed the San Juanico Bridge, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Lung Center and Heart Center, Green Revolution, Land Reform, North Luzon and South Luzon Expressway. Some of Filipino says that the good has small amount because Marcos warn the government to maintain the low price of the goods. But more of his programs release some money just to give it to his friends and family. His family over-controlled the economy...
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