Edsa People Power

Topics: United States, Philippines, Manila Pages: 3 (723 words) Published: September 27, 2012
The American Occupation Period is the 2nd highest occupied the Philippines next to Spain. The America colonized the Philippines for almost 44 years (December 10, 1898 to July 4, 1946).but we all know that the. The America leaves us many great historical events like Tydings-McDuffie Act also known as the Philippine Independence Act; Public Law 73-127 that approved in March 24, 1934 And Spanish-American war. The Spanish-American and many more. One of the greatest historical people in American occupation is the thomasites is a group of five hundred American teachers sent by U.S Government to Philippines in August 1901 and we have the Balangiga Massacre that killed American soldiers in balangiga. Balangiga was a small seaside village of 200 nipa houses in Samar, Visayas.

* Balangiga Massacre.
On August, 11, 1901 an U.S Infantry Arrived in Balangiga South Coast of Samar Island. Balangiga was a small seaside village of 200 nipa houses in Samar in local province of Visayas. It initially referred to the killing of about 48 members of the US 9th Infantry by the townspeople allegedly augmented by guerrillas.  In the 1960’s Filipino nationalists applied it to the retaliatory measures taken on the island. This incident was described as the United States Army's worst defeat since the Battle of the Little Bighornin 1876. Filipinos regard the attack as one of their bravest acts in the war.

* The Tydings-McDuffie Act
The Tydings-Mcduffie Act and also known as the Philippine Independence Act, Pub.L. 73-127, 48 Stat. 456, enacted March 24, 1934 was a United States Federal Law that provides a Self-government of the Philippines and for Filipino independence from the United States after a period of ten years. That authored by Senator Millard E. Tydings and Representative John McDuffie and signed in to law by president franklin D. Roosvelt. In 1934 our former President Manuel L. Quezon headed a Philippine Independence mission to...
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