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This chapter will discuss the type of organization, organizational chart, different job descriptions and job specifications that the proponents will have in the company.

A. Product Description
The proponents decided to make packaging paper made out of water lily fibers for their research paper. The raw materials needed are only water lily fibers and no other chemicals are necessary. The paper is 100% natural and is eco-friendly which is becoming a trend in the European perspective for products. Research shows that water lily is very abundant in tropical countries such as the Philippines and grow all year round. The proponents has chosen water lily for the main reasons that, it serves as an alternative in producing paper, and water lily is considered as “trash” in the waters of our ecosystem. The difference between the water lily based paper and regular packaging paper is that it is thicker in size which tends to be more durable especially for fragile objects. There also has been numerous reports stating the abundancy and water lily cultivation in vast areas in the Philippines particularly Calamba, San Pablo, Laguna de Bay and Lumban. No exact figures were found to indicate the volume of water lily produced but studies show that 10 plants of water lily under normal conditions can produce a rough estimate of 650,000 offspring which weighs around 65,000 kg in eight months. The proponents decided to come up with an alternative plan on cultivating their own water lily in case of a shortage of supply by the said cultivation areas given earlier. Figure 1.1

1 Roll = 450 meters which weighs 151kg
Each roll is placed on a pallet for transportation purposes and each pallet can carry up to 4 rolls. A standard 40” x 48” (1.01 x 1.22m) pallet weighs between 15 - 17 lbs (6.8 – 7.7kg), can be custom designed in size Source: http://www.internationalpaper.com/CHINA/EN/Products/CorrugatedPallets/CorrugatedPallet.html

B. Product Description Model
Figure 1.2
Product Diagram

The water lily based paper serves as a packaging material for those who need their products to be safely transported into their homes. Germans have a sense of pride with their homes and tend to be very tidy with them. With the help of the water lily based paper, the need for keeping things in place is essential for the Germans. |

The packaging industry in Germany plays a strong role in the economy. Besides major global packaging players which take the lead in every industry across a range of product categories, there is enough room for a large range of medium-sized and even small-scale companies to operate in one or more packaging formats. This allows the complete market coverage of products. Most packaging companies, even smaller ones, supply both domestic demand and export markets. According to the Federal Statistical Office, almost 11 million tonnes of packaging material was collected in 2006, an increase of 1% compared to 2005. Almost six million tonnes were collected from private households and almost five million originated from the industry. An average of 72kg of packaging material was collected and brought back or put into the correct waste bin. Light metal (aluminium) accounted for a 39% share, followed by glass (38%), paper (20%) and 200,000 tonnes of one-way PET bottles – 3kg per person. In the commercial category 67% of packaging material was paper-based. Most of the packaging companies displayed strong awareness of environmental issues.The impact of packaging has changed during the review period. More than ever the package is not simply a practical container for the product, and its duties have multiplied. While the main impact of packaging used to be product protection and easy storage and transportation, it has become an important marketing and communication tool. A new case study for the Interpack international packaging fair in Germany in 2008 indicated that the most important factors in terms of new...
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