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Haley Rena’ Burks
Educational Psychology
Mr. Johnson
January 28, 2014
Is it ever too late to learn?
In this article it explains whether or not a person is too old to learn. It talks about how the person may lack the financial support for their study or they may not be able to meet the geto find their desired course in any of the colleges. Hence, they started looking for a job with whatever qualification they have, eventually found a job and began to work. After working for some time, some of these people start to show interest in pursuing their education to a higher level-something that they did not do previously.

The person is very keen is start off where they have left off. They May have finally become financially able to go back to school, become interested in a certain subject, gained a greater learning ability, or they could have been working at a job that needed more education to get the certain spot that they wanted. Is it too late for these people to learn again? The answer is no. It is never too late for them to learn as long as they have the means and the opportunity to do so. If they are interested to learn, and have the money and time to do so, they should take the chance to learn.

This reader agrees with every part of this article. No one is ever too old to go back and get their college education. Sometimes this reader believes that some people needs to wait until they are ready to actually learn and focus on school.
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