Edmund Hillary and Mount Everest

Topics: Mount Everest, Edmund Hillary, Sherpa Pages: 4 (1107 words) Published: December 15, 2013
John Patrick Haley Haley 1
Mrs. Hoover
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Section 3
Final Draft
How many of you know what Mount Everest is? How many of you know who is in charge of Mt. Everest? The truth is no one nation or group has complete control over the mountain and that has led to serious consequences. If you listen throughout this speech you will understand how to save Mt. Everest and why you should save it. In 1953 when Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay first climbed Mt. Everest they unintentionally encouraged thousands of people to follow in their footsteps, all these climbers changed the mountain for the worse by way of pollution, commercialism, and racism.

The many climbers of Mt. Everest have changed this natural wonder into a mess. The only figures of authority on the mountain are Nepalese liaison officers, or coordination officers (Melina). According to LiveScience, these officers are only there to enforce the climbing curfew and keep an eye on the communication devices such as radios and satellite phones. There are many thousands of climbers who leave tents and garbage on the mountain and there are no penalties for doing so. The filth that is on the mountain is slowly piling up and unless there is more support Mt. Everest will start to actually change color and have large brown stains covering its usually white slopes. Even Haley 2 if you think that there is no possible way there could be that much filth we can all agree that having the tallest mountain in the world become stained is not something anyone wants to happen. Attempts to clean the mountain have proven difficult because of the altitude, bringing down large amounts of trash at 25,500 feet up is difficult without more funding. Imagine trying to get a truckload of manure out of Mr. Helstern’s room using a broom. That’s about...

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Haley 5
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