EDLT116 Assesment 1

Topics: Education, Lesson plan, Teacher Pages: 5 (1142 words) Published: April 19, 2015
 Task 1: In no more than 500 words discuss the factors that you would need to take into account when planning for learning and elaborate on how you would address ONE of these in your teaching strategies There are many factors that a teacher must take into account when planning for learning. The first thing the teacher must establish is a clear purpose for the lesson they intend on teaching. This entails the teacher questioning the purpose of the lesson and establishing how this lesson will build on the students’ prior knowledge with the new concept that is being introduced. The teacher must know their students well and be able to adapt the lesson appropriately to suit the different levels and abilities. Secondly, the teacher needs to ensure that the lesson has a clear outcome that is linked to the unit and syllabus outcome. A teacher must create a lesson that has an intention of providing the students with the knowledge or skill they need to be competent in the area of the syllabus that will be assessed. Next, as per the quality teaching standards (Department of Education and Training 2010:4), Element 1- ‘Teachers know their subject content and how to teach that content to their students’. ‘The teacher must make sure that they have a deep understanding of the content they intend to teach. “if you do not have a deep understanding of what you are teaching you will not be able to provide adequate answers when students ask questions”(Killen. R, 2009:84). Finally the teacher must choose an appropriate teaching strategy. This task is achieved by deliberating on what you want the students to learn, and how they are going to learn it. According to Killen (2009), there are numerous kinds of teaching strategies, such as; using direct instruction, using discussion, using small group work, using cooperative learning, using problem solving, using role playing, using case study and also using writing as a teaching strategy. A teacher must decided on which teaching strategy would be the most appropriate and advantages way to teach the student to allow for the quality learning to take place. In conclusion it has been found that ‘no single teaching strategy is effective all the time for all learners’ (Killen 2009:1). A teacher must constantly challenge their own teaching styles and adapt their lessons to the best possible strategy that will allow for optimum quality learning. The manner in which children respond to school and benefit from the experiences presented will reflect the cultural environment in which they are socialised (Ferrari & Mahalingam 1998). A teacher, who knows their students well, will be able to adapt their lessons to include familiar knowledge that will help the students to engage and associate with what they are learning. Teaching is such a complex process with so many aspects that need to be considered when teaching for quality learning. It is through well thought out and planned lessons, knowing your students well, knowing the content you are teaching and being able to apply the most appropriate teaching style to that lesson then followed by an in depth evaluation and follow up assessment of the task, will it then ensure that that students are getting the best education that the teacher is capable of giving. (Word count 509)

Task 2: In no more than 500 words, you are required to reflect on your answer for Task 1 and discuss how this fits in with your personal beliefs relating to teaching and learning in primary schools. You may wish to discuss the discrepancy or similarity between your answer for Task 1 and your own personal view of learning in primary schools.   After reading and learning about planning for learning I have come to agree with the process of which a teacher must follow in order to ensure quality learning. Although this process seems complex and in depth, I believe that all of the processes must be followed to ensure that the students I teach will not be put at a disadvantage. I never...
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