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By Thatman001 May 12, 2014 1289 Words
Many schools have many policies or rules for the students to follow. Some of these policies are controversial and can cause a lot of problems. Others may create a utopian environment. A controversial issue that is discussed in many schools in the area is the distinct dress code issue. The Gary community school corporation forces all students in all Gary schools to wear a distinct uniform with distinct colors. Other corporations in the area such as Merrillville’s school corporation, Portage’s school corporation, and Hobart’s school corporation do not have an uniform dress code policy. Generally, for elementary students (1st-5th grade) the uniform colors are white or light blue tops, and dark blue bottoms with a solid white or black color shoe. For middle school or junior high school students (6th-8th grade), the uniform colors are to wear burgundy tops, and khaki bottoms with a solid white or black color shoe. For high school students the uniform colors are to wear dark/navy blue tops, and khaki bottoms with a solid white or black color shoe. Many people, including myself disagree with the need of dress code in the schools.

In my opinion, I disagree with the need of a uniform. The primary goal of going to school is to get an education. The type of clothes or color you wear has no effect on your knowledge. I believe the representatives of the corporation believe that wearing a uniform makes you look presentable and professional. This standpoint is correct but to a certain extent. The corporation is overlooking the educational perspective and focusing more on the representational perspective. They want the students to look professional when that is not the overarching issue of the corporation. The overarching issue is getting an education. Even though I disagree with the need of uniforms, I slightly agree with the overarching dress code policy. The dress code policy doesn’t only involve wearing uniforms, but the way you wear them. For example, for young women your skirts and or shorts have to be a certain length, at least coming down to the knee area. Also, young women’s blouses must cover up their chest. No cleavage should be shown. The dress code provides young women by making them dress with respect. Also, young women’s backs should be covered up. Young women are forced to cover up their whole back and low waist. They are not allowed to wear cut off or low cut shirts. In addition, young men shouldn’t wear their pants below their waist showing their underwear inappropriately. Some cohorts of the dress code policy I disagree with and some I agree with. Others have described their viewpoint on the controversial issue of dress codes also.

Others have expressed the viewpoints on the issue as well. Some agree with the aforementioned issue and some disagree with it. Some are supporters of the dress code policy and others are opponents of the issue. “Student uniform use was not significantly correlated with any of the school commitment variables such as absenteeism, behavior, or substance use (drugs). In addition, students wearing uniforms did not appear to have any significantly different academic preparedness, proschool attitudes, or peer group structures with proschool attitudes than other students.” (David L. Brunsma, Kerry A. Rockquemore) The studies of these two persons suggested that the wearing of a specific type of clothing had no effect on the learning experience, in fact the study suggested wearing uniforms had an overall negative effect on the students. These studies show that the wearing of uniforms had no correlated effect on the school commitment variables of absenteeism, behavior, and substance use. These two suggest that they are opponents of the dress code policy. Lillian O. Holloman, a clothing and textiles professor at Virginia Polytechic Institute and State University, is a supporter of the dress code. She conducted the argument supporting the dress code using the factor of gang symbolism/color. “Gang colors and insignias, whether worn intentionally or unintentionally, can get a student jumped or worse. Status clothes, such as team jackets of professional sports teams, leather coats and designer sneakers, have led to thefts, sometimes by knife or at gunpoint.” (Lillian O. Holloman 1995) This individual contextualized the wearing of uniforms with violence and provided evidence. I agree with these findings to an extent. This evidence is true depending on the area the school is located in, the economic level of population, the number of people involved in gangs and the amount of gang related activity in the community. These two standpoint ; opponents of the dress code and supporters of the dress code can be visualized using an appropriate philosophy.

In addition, the two aforementioned standpoint can be visualized in context through the political philosophy. In politics, two separate standpoints argue over one overarching topic. In this case the topic is the dress code policy. The arguments over the topic may differ and stretch from violence, to education, to liberty, to rights, etc. The political philosophy is the study of topics such as politics, liberty, justice, property, rights, law, and the enforcement of a legal code by authority. In this case the school corporation is seen as the authority and the dress policy is seen as the legal code being enforced. The argument surrounding the issue can be contextualized and argued using the rights cohort. Many believe that there shouldn’t be a uniform specification and students should be able to wear what they choose as a result of self-expression. Students should be able to fully express themselves in an educational environment. In short, political philosophy is the activity, whereby the conceptual apparatus behind such concepts as aforementioned are analyzed. In this case the two standpoints of being a supporter of the dress code policy and being opponents of the dress code -policy are analyzed. Drastic measures must be taken to create a utopianistic essence between these two subjects.

To conclude, the tendentious issue of the dress code policy is seen all throughout the country. This is an outstanding problem. This situation is the cause of many dilemmas in the schools all around the country. If an agreement isn’t made between the school corporations and the people, there will be chaos. Appropriate solutions must be put in tact. Some plausible solutions for this dilemma could be is to allow the students to have some input on the uniforms each year if this is the route the school is deciding to take. For example, for high school students that must wear a collared navy blue shirt they could perhaps wear a navy shirt with no collar. They could probably have some design on the shirt to signify the student’s self-expression. Also, the students should be able to wear any color shoe of their luxury, instead of plain black or white shoes. They should be able to wear red, green, blue, orange, grey, etc. color of shoe. Furthermore, students should be able to wear a more than one color. Generally, for junior high students the specifications for tops are one color, burgundy, and for high school students the specifications for tops are one color, navy blue. Perhaps the addition of two or three colors to the choices would help create a more peaceful solution to the top problem. Also, the specifications for the bottoms of junior high and high school are khaki brown. Conceivably adding one or two colors to the bottom choices would create a more practical environment for the students. Adding more choices and differences to the dress code policy will create an empyrean environment for the school and possibly give the students and parents a more positive attitude on the enforcement of the dress code policy.

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