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Topics: United States, Americas, Colonialism Pages: 2 (317 words) Published: January 6, 2015
Eshwar Madishetti
Mrs. Longwell
AP Studies
9 September 2014
The Comparisons of the British, French, and Spanish in the Colonies
Although the imperial goals of the British, French, and Spanish were similar in that they all sought to acquire various luxuries and gains in North America, however their specific goals were different because the British were seeking gold and religious freedom, the Spanish focused on the conquest of lands, and the French mostly targeted trade. Most countries that left their lands to colonize the Americas sought fortune and land, however, the British, French, and Spanish colonized because of their own specific reasons, the ones that would end up benefiting their country the most. “Seeking to control the fur trade, the French built trading posts throughout the St. Lawerence Valley, to the Great Lakes region, and along the Mississippi River.” (Newman and Schmalbach 12)

The Imperialistic goals of the British, Spanish, and French were all focused on some way they each could gain wealth. However the ways in which they did were distinctive to what would benefit their selves the most. For example, the main reason the British left to colonize was too attain religious freedom. There were those who left because they wanted to purify the church and those who wanted to separate from it. John Winthrop led the Puritans to the New World, the group that wanted to purify the church. Meanwhile the Spanish were imperializing because they wanted to conquer large territories such as Mexico and Peru. In Mexico they conquered the Incas and in Peru they conquered the Aztecs. This soon led to the Spanish to increasing their gold supply by more than 500 percent. Finally there was the French, who were targeting trade. Since they kept good relations with the American Indians, the French knew they could control the fur trade. Most of the imperial goals of the British, Spanish, and French were ones that targeted wealth.
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