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NURS 787 Theoretical Foundations of Teaching and Learning
in Nursing and Health Professions
Course Syllabus

Credits: 3 credits

Faculty Facilitator:Susan L. Bindon, DNP RN-BC
Assistant Professor, Institute for Educators
Suite 311W, School of Nursing
Fax: 410.706.5560
Email: bindon@son.umaryland.edu

Office Hours: By appointment, in person or via Bb Collaborate/IM/office hours

Course Overview:

This course will provide a foundation in theory and application of essential knowledge for teaching students, consumers and continuing education in a variety of settings. The course content begins with an introduction to teaching and learning and the history of medical education and traditional education. Content will focus on answering the following questions: what is learning; what do learners need to learn; how is learning organized; and who are the learners.

Prerequisites or Co-requisite Courses: None

Course Objectives: During this course the student will:
1. Compare and contrast several definitions of teaching and learning.

2. Explain a variety of ways that adults learn.

3. Identify selected influences on learning.

4. Compare and contrast theories of learning in relation to: Assumptions
Unique characteristics
Advantages and disadvantages
Role of the teacher
Role of the learner.

5. Analyze the implications of various standards in health education and health professions education. 6.Describe effective ways of assessing learning needs and organizing learning experiences.

Required Textbook:

Bastable, S.B. (Ed.) (2014). Nurse as educator: Principles of teaching and learning for nursing practice. 4rd edition. Boston: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

Additional Readings: As assigned in module.

Course Requirements: (assignment criteria and grading for each can be found at the end of the syllabus)

1. Informed participation in online discussion
and module activities: 20%
2. Completion of assignments:
Professional Goals and Philosophy of
teaching and learning: 15%
Learning theory and style case study: 30%
Needs assessment project: 35%

Course Content

Module Number
(See schedule within course for specific dates)

Course Orientation

History and Introduction to Teaching and Learning

History of Nursing, Education, Nursing and Health Professions Week 1
Teaching and Learning: Definition and Characteristics
Week 2

What is Learning?

Learning and Major Theories of Learning
Week 3
Influences on Learning: Developmental Stage, Learning Style and Generational stage Week 4 & 5
Influences on Learning: Selected Learner Characteristics
Week 6
Influences on Learning: Environmental/Contextual
Week 7

What do learners need to learn?

Assessing Learning Needs
Week 8 & 9

How is learning organized?

Organizing Learning and Developing Goals/Aims
Week 10
Developing Behavioral Objectives
Week 11

Who are the Learners?

Students As Learners
Week 12
Clients/Consumers as Learners
Week 13
Peer Professionals as Learners
Week 14

Course Summary
Week 15

Academic Integrity and Conduct
Students are referred to the University of Maryland School of Nursing Student Handbook for all policies regarding academic integrity and conduct. These include the University of Maryland System Policy on Faculty, Students and Institutional Rights and Responsibilities for Academic Integrity, the School of Nursing Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities, and the University of Maryland Graduate Policies and Procedures for Academic Misconduct.

Weather Related Cancellations
The policy in the University of Maryland School of Nursing Handbook regarding weather related cancellations will be followed.

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