Edgar Allan Poe Wiiam Willson and the Golden Bug

Topics: The Gold-Bug, Prince William of Wales, American films Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Wiliam Willson

The tale begins with a man that introduces himself as William Wilson; the man doesn’t want to say his real name. William talks about his story which he feels ashamed of it. His story begins since childhood; he had an a lot of imagination and he was a moody person because of family influence but he was the leader in his school. He dominated all the other boys except for one, who had the name William Wilson, that boy had the same age and looked exactly the same like the narrator. The both competed in every way, One night, he wanted to play one joke to the other William Wilson but he got scared when he saw that he was completely identical to William Wilson. The narrator went to Eton (a private school) and 3 years later he still finds him, so he soon goes to Oxford where he learnt cheating by playing cards. He was winning a lot of money but after some days, the narrator was drinking and his double shows up and reveals his cheatings. The narrator tries to escape by traveling all over the world from William Wilson but he can´t so he decides to finish him, one night, he was attending a dance and he found his double so the narrator takes his double into a private room and he drives his sword on his chest. He finds that he was only facing a mirror. His reflection tells the narrator that through his death the narrator has killed himself.

The Gold-bug
William Legrand, after suffering financial problems, he moved to Sullivan Island, where he settled. He was dedicated to hunting and fishing. He used to go on trips with his black servant, Jupiter. The narrator of the story became friends with Legrand. One afternoon he visited Legrand and Legrand had found a gold bug. He couldn’t show it because he had given it to Jupiter. That afternoon the two friends had some misunderstandings and the narrator said goodbye and went home. A month later the narrator was visited by Jupiter, who gave him a letter from his master. The narrator read the letter and he was...
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