Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe and His Life’s Influence On His Stories
Edgar Allan Poe had a very sad, tragic life. His father left the family very soon after Poe was born and his mother had passed away when he was only three. At that point he was taken in by the Allan family, with whom he didn’t get along so well with. At one point he was engaged to his neighbor, who left him and got married someone else while he was away at the University of Virginia. He eventually did marry his cousin Virginia and they actually had a very happy marriage, until his wife passed away at the young age of 24. All these tragedies in his life caused him to get into gambling and drinking; eventually he took all his emotion out on poetry and short stories. Due to the fact that most of his life dealt with sadness, death and betrayal, his poems and short stories are also eerie and negative. It took Poe years to get appreciated for his works. He had no money or recognition until he came out with The Raven in 1845.

The Raven is about a man whose wife, Lenore, had passed away. Then one night a raven flies in through the window and the man sees the raven as a sign from his late wife. He begins asking the raven many questions, but all the raven can say is “nevermore”. This story was written to emphasize the grief of losing a loved one. The man in the story lost his wife and now he can’t get rid of her memory, and the raven symbolizes the loneliness and depression he feels now that his wife is gone. The man is afraid that he will forever be haunted by Lenore’s death. “And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor shall be lifted-nevermore” (Gwynn 549). The man will be under the ravens shadow until the day he dies.

This poem seemed to foreshadow his life. Poe’s wife, Virginia, dies two years after this poem was written. Their marriage was a happy one, and one can only imagine the grief he felt after she passed away. Poe was now the man in The Raven, and he was afraid he would never...
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