Eddie Fung

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Caroline Rickard
World History II
Dr. Stephens
22 April 2013
The Adventures of Eddie Fung
Eddie Fung was brought up as a Chinese American in San Francisco's China Town district, which helped develop him as a person. Eddie Fung grew up during a time of turmoil for Chinese Americans. They were oppressed and singled out, they went through a lot of hurt and sorrow just for being Chinese Americans. The American government singled them out making their lives harder and Eddie Fung experienced this to its full extent, during his life time. The Chinese Americans were persecuted in multiple ways, but three being the main characteristics of San Francisco's China Town, the first being isolation of the Chinese, the different worlds of Chinatown and America, and lastly the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act.

The first of the characteristics that defined his upbringing in Chinatown was the isolation of him and all other Chinese. Chinatown was essentially another world in itself because they were so isolated from the rest of San Francisco. San Francisco did not want to associate the rest of the city with these Chinese Americans so they gathered and were segregated. Being segregated especially at a young age allows for little change in pace and diversity in thinking for the children who are just developing, it allows for them to be submissive to oppression and not know any different. But with isolating them into one space it keeps them and their cultures and traditions alive and strong at the same time. Keeping the Chinese traditions of their ancestors alive is easier when they are together, but isolation can lead to technological fall backs and societal delays among the Chinese because they are not in with the rest of society and do not get to progress with the society as a whole. Also isolation can lead to the want/need to get because of overcrowding and too small of an area for as many Chinese they were trying to fit into a very small area. The smaller the space and the more restrictions you put on people the more it makes them want to get out and rebel for their own rights.

Another issue is that America itself was two places at this point in time one being Chinatown and the other being America. America had purposely isolated Chinatown from the general population. Chinatown was like its own little country with its own neighborhoods and customs that followed with the Chinese culture not the American culture. The American government was not trying to include them in anyway actually they were trying to keep them segregated from the "true" Americans. The residents of these Chinatowns in America were mostly living in desolate poverty. For example, Eddie Fung wanted to leave his 12 block home and move to Texas to be a cowboy, but he only makes it to New Mexico and joins the military. Eddie Fung wanted to be different he wanted to break the status quo and do what he wanted and what every other American had the right to do. He gets to fulfill his dream of being in the army and he is deported to the Philippines. Fung takes advantage of the opportunity to serve the country he loves even if he was treated unfairly ass an American citizens. It was as if the rest of America did not want to be associated with Chinatown because of the negative attention on Asia at the time and they thought the Chinese Americans were not good for America so they wanted to isolate them to certain areas, as to not harm the American status quo. The rest of America was very stuck up in the fact that they did not want to associate with Chinese Americans so much that they would purposely isolate them into their own cities that was basically little Chinas.

The last of the characteristics would be the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, which is when Chester Arthur made revisions to an immigrant paper saying that the United States had the right to suspend Chinese Immigration and this was supposed to last 10 years, but was later repealed(Wikipedia). This act isolated the Chinese...
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