Eddie Carbone in a View from the Bridge

Topics: Marriage, Audience, Perception Pages: 1 (417 words) Published: February 23, 2014
Eddie is unable to compromise in the first Act of the play because he loves to be the only person with power. The audience can infer this through his hatred of Catherine getting a job when he said “You can’t get no job. Why didn’t you ask me before you take a job?” This shows that he is controlling over Catherine but doesn’t even think to give her a compromise/another option to choose. Miller has chosen to do this to adapt the audiences view on Eddie later in the play with the arrival of Marco and Rodolpho when he said to Beatrice “That’s a nice kid? He gives me the heeby-jeebies.” From Act one the audience has different perceptions on Eddie: The caring father figure in Catherine’s life compared to the over-protective, power hungry dominant man of the family.

However, he realises this too late into the second Act when Catherine is marries Rodolpho Eddie tries to compromise with Catherine when he said to her “If you wanna go out like…I mean I realise maybe I kept you home too much” “I mean, you could always go back to him”. The audience can suspect that Eddie has come to terms with his power over Catherine. Miller changes the audience’s perception over Eddie throughout the whole play, even just in act two, from the caring, man of the family who has taken in his niece to look after to a man who won’t even let her go out on the street with a man.

Eddie experiences strong emotions but is unable to articulate them to himself or anyone else. The audience can work this out by his and Beatrice’s conversation towards the end of act two “You want somethin’ else, Eddie, and you can never have her”. Beatrice is talking about Catherine at this point and the audience can assume that this is when Eddie realises that he has to do something about the situation between him, Marco and Rodolpho. The reasons he wants to sort it out are for Catherine not to marry Rodolpho or so they can all get along for the wedding. The audience feels angry towards Eddie because he is too...
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