Eddie Bocanegra's Cease Fire

Pages: 2 (414 words) / Published: Dec 3rd, 2015
Eddie Bocanegra in another former gang member in Cease Fire. Being a former gang member doesn’t make Eddie different from the group, but what he did in the gang is what makes him different. With Eddie’s past life, he has robbed many vehicles and has served 14 years; over half of his life in prison, it has lead him to who he is now. He wants his community to be safer and more secure for everyone. With Cease Fire, he not only wants to stop shootings, but also wants to stop those people that were going to start a shooting from ever shooting again. He is not concentrating on himself anymore and prefers to take all the negativity from his life to help others create a positive outcome for their future. There are emotional shots where Eddie is tearing

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