Eddie's Decision to Kiss Catherine

Topics: House, Thought, Mind Pages: 1 (393 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Eddie’s decision to kiss Catherine is impulsive and a rash choice. He enters the house, “unsteady and drunk” as Catherine is coming in from the bedroom. His immediate reaction when he finds out that Rodolfo was in the house alone with her is one of anger, disbelief and “his arm jerks slightly in shock”. When Catherine announces that she will leave with Rodolfo, Eddie first remarks that “she ain’t going nowheres”, then “reaches out suddenly... and kisses her on the mouth”. There are many reasons Eddie decides to do this such as his sexual desires for Catherine that have been building up as we see right from the beginning of the play. He is sexually frustrated and we see that this has been continuing for a while. Beatrice has noticed it too, however is indirect and asks “when she will be a wife again”. Catherine is adamant to “not be a baby no more” but Eddie does not want to comprehend this and kisses her to try and prove to her that she doesn’t mean what she says. Rodolfo has come into Eddie’s house and has taken the one thing Eddie values most. Eddie feels Catherine has been taken away from him by someone not worthy enough to have her. So another reason for Eddie’s kiss could be desperation. Marco and Rodolfo had been residing with the family for a while now and Eddie has had a lot of time to dwell on his emotions. This kiss could have been spontaneous as Eddie may have had an intense outburst of constrained emotion. When Eddie walked through the door, drunk and found Rodolfo and Catherine alone in the house, he finally had thought he had a reason to remove Rodolfo from their lives once and for all. However, soon Catherine announces that if he has to go, she will go with him. Eddie is angry, thinking he was about to get rid of Rodolfo but ends up losing Catherine too so he makes a hasty decision to kiss her to provoke a reaction in Rodolfo. Womanhood is one of the main themes in the play. The idea of independence or separation from Eddie is coupled with...
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