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EDA 3046

They develop environmental education.
2. World Wide Fund
They raise funds for Wildlife Conservation.
3. International Union for the Conservation
of Nature and Natural Resources(IUCN)
They defined the definition of Environmental Education
4.World Environmental Conference
The rich and poor nations discussed matters of environmental concern. 5.International Workshop on Environmental Education
UNESCO organized this.
6.Intergovernmental Conference on Environmental Education, Tbilisi 1977
They provided guidelines on global and national scale for the practice and environmental education 7.United Nations Environment Program(UNEP)
They had to establish the definition of Environmental education. 8.Environmental Education in South Africa(EEASA)
They were formed to develop and coordinate the growth of environmental education in the sub continental region. 9.international Conference of Environmental Education
There they reaffirmed the Tbilisi Principles as guidelines for National Environmental education. 10.Brundtland commission Report
The relationship between richer and poorer , there must be a fairer distribution of the world’s wealth and resources. 11.Earth Summit
There was reaffirmation on the emphasis on environmental education as concerned with social, political, economic and ecological matters. 12.World Summit on Sustainable Development
Socioecological, political and economic transformation on a global level was highlighted here. 13.Decade of Education for Sustainable Development

Question 2:
Values: When in class, explain to them what will happen if water is wasted and taps aren’t closed. One day they won’t have water, which will result in a dirty filthy home, no dishes can be washed, no washing can be done. Personal hygiene can’t be maintained. If lights are left on they won’t have enough electricity for a warm bath. This has to be taught to them every day as some of the learners are not taught this at home and because communities differ. Skills: Help social groups acquire the skills for identifying and solving these environmental issues. This can be taught through movement and story time. Try so get a sponsor for blankets, so that learners can sit under a warm blanket and not in front of a heater, to save electricity for the school. Explain to them the cost, the usage and waste of water and electricity so that they can understand the effective usage of natural resources. Attitudes: All teachers need to show respect towards the environment as they are the role model of the school. There needs to be a feeling of concern for the environment in the school. The teacher must create an environment of zero tolerance regarding solid waste and waste of natural resources. Decisions: They need to set the rules for the school protecting the environment eg. all papers lying around must be picked up at the end of the school day , lights that are unused should be switched off. The learners need to be reminded of the rules frequently. Code of conduct: It is a list of rules that the learners have to adhere to. Put up posters in class about caring for the environment, so that they can realize how important it is to care for the environment. Question 3:

3.1 It is the economic development that is conducted without depletion of natural resources. It is defined in many ways. It requires that we see the world as a system that connects space and time. Air pollution in SA can affect the air in North Africa and pesticides sprayed in Australia can affect the fish stock in Argentina. 3.2 Clean renewable water. Consumption and generation of waste must be minimized. 3.3 Surpluses are shared within a community. Funds, goods and services must be looked after to meet the communities’ needs and wishes. The talent, skills and other resources of a community must be shared...
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