Ed Gein

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Ed Gein was an American serial killer of the 1950’s and was known as, “The Plainfield Ghoul.” He was known for many things as a killer. His unusual way of killing people and snatching dead bodies served as an inspiration for many fictional serial killers. He had many problems growing up that led him to be a schizophrenic and a necrophiliac. Ed was born on August 21, 1906 in a dysfunctional family. His father, George Gein, was a drunk and was mostly unemployed. His father abused him and his older brother, Henry. His mother, Augusta Gein, was a religious activist. She also abused Ed and Henry and taught them that all women, but her, were prostitutes and instruments of the devil. Even though the marriage wasn’t good their religious ways prevented a divorce. While growing up Ed was kept isolated at the farm. He was only allowed to leave to go to school. Any time he tried to make friends his mother would discourage him. He was still kept at the farm and isolated as a teenager. When his father died of a heart attack in 1940, Ed and his brother took a number of jobs in town to support their family. As Ed matured he became very attached to his mother. His brother became worried about this odd attachment and often spoke badly about their relationship. Henry also did not agree with his mother’s religious views and became more vocal about it. In 1944 there was a bush fire that came close to the farm and Ed and Henry tried to put it out. After the fire was put out, Henry was found dead. The official cause of Henry’s death was asphyxia; however the police suspected Ed of fratricide. Charges were never filed against Ed. Ed lived alone with his mother until she died of a series of strokes in 1945. When his mother died he boarded up all the rooms that were used by her, which included the upstairs, the downstairs, and the living room. He lived in a room next to the kitchen. The next couple of years he started to visit cemeteries and he dug up buried

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