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Eczema is an integumentary disease that is recognized by the symptoms of itching, dry skin, and inflammation. In more severe cases, eczema can cause the skin to develop blisters, can cause insomnia and also causes the skin to weep, which actually results from people scratching. People with mild cases of eczema have no more than uncomfortable, itchy patches that are usually just on one part of the body. People who exhibit more severe cases are the ones who experience eczema all over the body, which is extremely itchy and uncomfortable and can also have psychological effects because of his/her own self-consciousness. People with eczema often suffer from sharp flare-ups of this chronic disease, which is very annoying and uncomfortable.

Eczema is not by any means a contagious disease. It is considered hereditary, although much is still not known as to how it is acquired in the first place. Around one in ten people have eczema, which explains part of why this is hereditary. Eczema is most common in people who are already born with other health issues such as asthma related to allergies, food allergies, conjunctivitis, etc. Before specific studies had been done on the origins of eczema, it was believed that eczema was a genetic skin disease, being passed on directly from parents, but recently, a study showed that there was a specific gene that was present in most cases of eczema, but not all, so researchers believe that there are more than one gene that actually cause eczema. Researchers have also found a maternal link to eczema, meaning that eczema can be contracted by babies via breastfeeding. It is believed that this is possible by immune responses by the baby to the actual nutrients within the breast milk.

Many people think that there is a cure to eczema, but this is untrue so far. However, there are many different treatments for eczema that are very effective. Now, since the discovery of a gene that causes eczema, we are much closer...
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