ECT122 Wk5 ILab 1

Topics: Resistor, Measurement, The Circuit Pages: 3 (363 words) Published: January 21, 2015
ECT 122 Week 5 iLab #1
DC Power Supply
Hand Held DMM
Test leads
100 Ω resistor, 120 Ω resistor, 220 Ω resistor, 330 Ω resistor

1. Identify each of these circuits.

2. Given the circuit below, calculate the values listed below.

IT: _64mA__IA: __18.18mA____IB: __45.45mA__

VR1: _3.99V___VR2: __5.99V__

VR3: _5.45V___VR4: __4.54V___
Ra= R1+R2= 220Ω+330Ω= 550Ω
Rb=R3+R4= 120Ω+100Ω= 220Ω
Ia= Vs/Ra= 10V/550Ω= 0.01818 x 10^-3= 18.18mA
Ib= Vs/Rb= 10V/220Ω= 0.04545 x 10^-3= 45.45mA
It= Ia+Ib= 18.18mA+45.45mA= 0.06363 x 10^-3= 63.63mA
Vr1= Ia(R1)= 18.18mA(220Ω)= 3.99V
Vr2= Ia(R2)= 18.18mA(330Ω)= 5.99V
Vr3= Ib(R3)= 45.45mA(120Ω)= 5.45V
Vr4= Ib(R4)= 45.45mA(100Ω)= 4.54V

3. Download the Multisim file “Ser_Par1” from Doc Sharing, Week 5. Run the simulation and verify that the simulated results are the same as the calculated values. Were the values the same? Yes/No. If No, why not?

IT: _0.064A___IA: __0.018A___IB: __0.045A___

VR1: __4V_____VR2: ___6V___

VR3: ___5.455V____VR4: __4.545V____

4. Construct the circuit above on the ELVIS protoboard. Connect the circuit’s input to the variable +12 V supply. Open the Instrument Launcher, start the Variable Power Supply, and set it to +10V. Use the handheld DMM to adjust the supply to +10 V. Using the handheld DMM, measure the values below. Remember that to measure current, the DMM must be in series with the resistor. Have the professor verify the circuit before applying power.

IT: __66.2mA_____IA: ___19.03mA___IB: __47.2mA____

VR1: __4.16V____VR2: __6.17V_____
VR3: __5.64V_____VR4: __4.71V____

Were the calculated, simulated, and measured values the same? If not, why? Yes they were close. They measured a little off because my resistor values weren’t exact.

Measuring the total current.

Measuring voltage on VR1.

5. Repeat step 4 using the...
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