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tasy The Oddyssey of a Fashion House

Fashion- a small word of just 7 alphabets, defines the most indispensible and iconic aspect of a person, so much so that the first thing we notice about someone is the aesthietic sense of fashion that he holds. And when a fashion conscious Bangladeshi goes shopping the brand that he thinks of is Ecstasy- the premium fashion house of Bangladesh.

The Dream
A dream that started off in a garage-like shop of only 120 square feet has now evolved to a brand that has 24 outlets of 700-1300 square feet all over the country, and is still expanding its wings to take over the international horizon. In the late 90's Mr. Tanjim Ashraful Haque realized that Bangladesh needed its own fashion brand and 'Ecstasy' came to being. Ecstasy started with a vison to emerge as the most profitable apparel retailer in Bangladesh by providing contemporary quality fashion at affordable prices.

The Dream---Reality
The dream to establish Ecstasy as a brand was omnipresent but it wasn't something that could be done overnight. Why? Because the capital did not allow it to start off on its own, it needed a foundation on which the brand could stand. So the fashion house started off selling different international brands under the same umbrella. As the fashion departmental store started to grow as a chain and the demand for 'Ecstasy' clothes increased, came the prime time for 'Ecstasy' to launch their own designs.

Designs that were a class away from the norm. It managed to create something totally new by choosing a path which was previously unexplored in Bangladesh. The path of Casual Wear. This strategic move made the competition irrelevant, beacause at that time there were no brands in Bangladesh that produced casual clothing, all were focused on formal wear. So when 'Ecstasy' started their casual line of clothing, they created a new demand and captured the whole market.

What was the market? The market for the casual line...
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