Ecotourism Development by ASEAN

Pages: 7 (1879 words) Published: August 1, 2010
Ecotourism development in ASEAN one of breakthrough leap to bring ASEAN Vision into reality, charts a future direction for ASEAN as a concert of Southeast Asian nations, outward-looking, living in peace, stability and prosperity, bonded together in partnership in a just, democratic, and harmonious environment, dynamic development and ever-closer economic integration and in a community of caring societies, conscious of its ties of history, aware of its shared cultural heritage and bound by a common regional identity.

The active role of the young people in south east asia through their participation in ecotourism, environment, social and cultural programs will contribute positively and significantly towards reaching the aims and goals of ASEAN in the future. By emerging environment’s awareness, promoting ecotourism and embracing cultural’s diversity.

In my opinion ecotourism is a conservation tool. Ecotourism appeals to ecologically and socially conscious individuals. Generally speaking, it focuses on volunteering, personal growth and learning new ways to live on the planet. The main distinction between these ecotourim and other conventional tourism is the motives and ethics behind them. Is the environment being cared for? Is there genuine effort to help the local economies? Are resources being left intact for future generations? Is the local culture being honored and valued and not just photographed? These questions will cut through the semantics and allow you to see what is really being offered. I believe by finding balance in tourism will create new way to brings postive impact to culture, local people, tourist and earth.

Ecotourism will lead people become a responsible traveler to natural areas which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of the local people. A walk through the rainforest is not eco-tourism unless that particular walk somehow benefits that environment and the people who live there. A rafting trip is only eco-tourism if it raises awareness and funds to help protect the watershed.

My objectives in this proposal are :
Creating Network
Creating networks will enforce effectively to the ecotourism’s development in Indonesia and in the other country. These networks will connecting travelers to the inspiring ecotourism initiatives, local people to tourism industry and tourism regulator in this case government institution to the tourism industry and other important network. Only by good communcation and network we could make sure that everyone will get positive impact and benefit from ecotourism. For example in orang utan’s case in Kalimantan, Indonesia, The traditional solution to ecological protection in Indonesia has been to enclose specified areas, in the hope of limiting human activity. Ironically, if the government were to succeed in adequately protecting the forest in this way, the results would be devastating for human communities dependent upon the forest for their survival.

in the other hand if the government is not successful in completely enclosing protected areas. As a result, environmental protection is limited, because disenfranchised groups continue to use forest resources illegally and unsustainably. Whether the forest exploitation is to meet subsistence needs or for short-term commercial gains, these illegal uses further deplete the habitat of the orangutan while, in the long term, adding to human poverty as forest resources decline.

Environmental objective
By encouraging travelers to behave in an environmentally responsible way. Giving information and advice on how travelers can minimize their impact on the ecosystem as well as how they can contribute to the protection of fragile ecosystems. By offering travelers the opportunity to participate in conservation or preservation projects. An important element of this type of project is education. The goal is that through participation, eco travelers will return home with increased awareness and...
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