Ecosystem Conservation Paper

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Frank Casas
Ecosystem Conservation Paper
Anthony Digirolamo
The ecosystem that I chose that I believe is in need of conservation is the Mojave Desert. This ecosystem is different in the fact that the desert is a much harsher environment and the plants and animals that live here have adapted to the harsh conditions and low water availability of this area. This 54,000 square mile desert has its own special type of diversity. In the desert the plants and animals all depend on each other for survival. The plants that are in the area not only provide food for animals and insects but also give shade and shelter to them from the hot desert sun. Plants here have also adapted to protect themselves from being eaten by the development of thorns and sharp spines that are so common on cactus. This is a good deterrent from a mule deer looking for food. The plants also need the animals to help them with their pollination and spreading of their seeds, they do this by eating the seeds and then depositing them later in other areas. This keeps the diversity of the desert going strong. Currently the Mojave Desert is suffering from the negative impact of humans. Although it is a very harsh environment that one would normally think would not really be impacted by small changes the opposite is true, it’s such a fragile ecosystem because of its limited resources. Once you add in human intervention and human presence the wildlife really has little or no chance of adapting to that. One major problem that has been identified is that when people visit the desert they tend to leave behind their trash. This can cause many animal deaths in the desert, when it comes to trash animals will become curious and eat it usually causing blockage in their intestines and ultimately death. There is also the effects that trash can have on water sources, it’s known that trash can decrease the amount of oxygen in water. Water is scarce as it is and adding this added problem can only...

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