Ecosystem Components

Topics: Temperate rainforest, Tasmania, Rainforest Pages: 3 (858 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Ecosystem Components
The Tarkine rainforest is located off Australia, on an island known as Tasmania. The Tarkine rainforest is the second largest temperate rainforest in the world. Temperate rainforests are extremely rare. It runs continuous for more than 70 kilometers and contains the Rapid, Keith, Donaldson, and Savage River systems. Globally, this is one of the most significant rainforests, which is temperate, left of the plant. The Tarkine rainforest contains three out four of Tasmania’s rainforest types: Callidendrous, Thamnic, and Implicate. The Callidendrous type of rainforest consists mainly of tall trees with an open understory. The Thamnic type of rainforest consists mainly of tall trees and shrubs in the understory. The Implicate type of rainforest consists mainly of shorter trees and a dense, tangled understory.

The size and diversity of the ecosystems found in the Tarkine rainforest have made it a refuge for many Tasmanian endemic, threatened, migratory, and vagrant species. They use this area so that they can feed, breed, and recolonize, whereas other areas they have not been able to populate. The Tarkine rainforest has the greatest density of wild rivers that remain outside the World Heritage Areas. These rivers are remote and largely inaccessible. Because of this these rivers have continued to evolve and have remained unaffected by human development. The Tarkine rainforest has a large array of animal species and sub-species. It has 267 animal species, 193 of which are vertebrates and 74 invertebrates. The vertebrates include 122 birds, 27 mammals, 11 reptiles, eight amphibians, 25 fish (13 freshwater and 12 marine). 27 of the animals found in the Tarkine rainforest are identified to be threatened in some way.

As of today there are about 444 species of plants that have been recorded in the Tarkine. Out of the 444 plants, 207 are vascular and 239 are non-vascular. There are no published surveys of the fungal species, but anecdotal...
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