Ecosystem and Elizabeth River Parkway

Topics: Ecosystem, Ecology, Biogeochemical cycle Pages: 4 (1252 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Ecosystem Structure Function and Change
Ecosystem Components Paper
University of Phoenix Jersey Campus
SCI/ 256 Week Two
Facilitator Dr. Hay Yeung Cheung
Student Cesar Garcia
December 16, 2012

Select a representative natural ecosystem in your area or one that you are interested in—such as a lake, preserve, or park—that is managed for native species. * The major structural and functional dynamics (processes) of that ecosystem including change over time The major structural and functional dynamics on Elizabeth River Parkway in Elizabeth, Union & Hillside, and Union County NJ regarding the ecosystem brought attention to local authorities, and many habitats on this area. Using the information from professional’s studies about how to help the ecologic; it is good to remember what happen with “Bio- Blitz 2008”. Why?

On June 14, 2008, 10 teams of researchers and biologists, tally around 140 people, dispersed along Union County’s Elizabeth River Parkway in exploration of animal life and plants. The Elizabeth River Parkway is a coarsely 312 acre rectilinear park concerning of salt wetland, swamp, forest, and riparian habitats within Elizabeth, Union and Hillside. The Parkway was nominated as the site for Bio-Blitz 2008 for the object that, even if it is bordered by urban/suburban growth, people feel cloistered from the “rat race” and linked to the accepted attractiveness and tranquility of the area. The Elizabeth River Parkway It is a flawless example of how interior-city green spaces can deliver a haven for both folks and environment in the middle of a busy background. Indeed, The Elizabeth River Parkway, educated in the 1930s as a typically lifeless use park, is a significant link in a restraint of factually important parks that form a greenway along the Elizabeth River defining moment and aids as a key “corridor” for nomadic wildlife. What?

Moreover, a Bio-Blitz is a 24-hour demanding energy to degree the biodiversity (species lushness) of a...
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