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September 29, 2013
History of Economics
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“Zinn’s Opinion”

In Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States” the reader is informed of different economic values in the early start of time. In this book the author writes from an outsiders opinion. Even though he is an economic guru he chose to write this interesting piece from the view and opinion of a newly econ indulgent. In this paper I will be discussing Zinn’s views. I will also put in my opinion where I see fit.

In chapter one, "Columbus, the Indians, and Human Progress" the reader is informed about early Native American civilization in North America and talks a little bit about the Bahamas. Zinn talks a great deal about the genocide that Christopher Columbus and his crew committed along the way. In this chapter we also discuss Pizaro and Iroquois. In this chapter the author quotes Columbus numerous times and I personally think that shows that his opinions rest in the hands of Columbus. I think that In Zinn’s writing you can see the biased opinions that he has. When I read this book I get the feeling that Howard Zinn believes his opinions are the only ones that matter; it seems to me that he is very cocky in his writing. Zinn’s views on things like Columbus are very different from the average writers.

In chapter five; “A Kind of Revolution”; Zinn talks about how the civilization promised military coverage for the “poor white people” to work and fight for a cause that most of the poor people didn’t agree with or didn’t understand what they were fighting for it. Zinn’s comment “Here was the traditional device by which those in charge of any social order mobilize and discipline a recalcitrant population-offering the adventure and rewards of military service to get poor people to fight for a cause they may not see clearly as their own” shows to me that he doesn’t agree with the cause or the fight. It seems as though Zinn finds it appawling...
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