Topics: Economics, Keynesian economics, Inflation Pages: 4 (414 words) Published: November 17, 2013
News Article Review I

All articles must be recent, the beginning of the semester forward. The article must relate to learning outcomes:
8.1Examine the model of circular flow and products that contain four sectors 8.1.1 Households
8.1.2 Businesses
8.1.3 Government
8.1.4 International
8.2 Explain how GDP is measured & identify its components.

8.3 Distinguish between real GDP & nominal GDP.

8.4 Identify and calculate the five major social accounts.

8.5 Explain inflation; how it is measured; & the costs of inflation. 8.5.1 Examie CPI.
8.5.2 Examine the GDP deflator.


9.1 Demonstrate the role of investment in research & development, & technological progress.

9.2 Analyze the role of investment in human capital formation.

9.3 Analyze the role of investment in physical capital formation.

9.4 Illustrate how public policies influence the long-run economic growth.


Economic Article Review Form (Only current Articles, dated after the semester began.)

Publisher &, Copyright:
Web Address:
If you do not scan or link or attach or give the a full citation so that I may read the the business article you will not to earn10 points. (Worth 10 points)

Brief Summary of the Article:
(Worth 10 points)

Which learning outcomes & chapter (s) does this article relate to: (Specific learning outcomes worth 10 points)

How does this article relate to the learning outcomes, be specific, and give examples : (Worth 50 points)

What is your critique on the article:
Try to stay away from opinions statements.
(Worth 20 points)

Fiscal Policy Assignment

The traditional Keynesian approach to fiscal policy differs in three ways from that is presented in the Fiscal Policy Chapter in your textbook.

It emphasizes the...
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