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Topics: United States public debt, Government debt, Federal government of the United States Pages: 5 (1536 words) Published: March 2, 2014

The Government’s Flaws and Normative Solutions
America’s government can be defined as a federal republic. Federal meaning that individual states have a certain degree of power, but centrally there is a national government that has authority over them. In a republic, the people have the power to elect leaders who will govern according to the set of laws in the U.S Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Even though we have a set of codes and guidelines to help us run the government, with the recent government shut down it is obvious that the national government is doing something wrong. The recent government shut down has taken about $24 billion dollars out of America’s economy and people are outraged. $3.1 billion lost in government services, $152 million lost per day in travel spending, $76 million a day lost for shutting down the National Parks, and $217 million per day lost in federal and contractor wages in the metropolitan area of Washington D.C. alone. With so much money lost and with the U.S. national debt at $17,082,481,280,380.79 and rising, is raising the national deficit really the way to go? According to Jeffrey Dorfman, we shouldn’t believe what the government says about raising the national deficit is the way to go and that the federal government can survive without the increase. He states that the federal government actually reached the debt ceiling months ago and since then the government has been stealing/borrowing money from other government funds. Dorfman also says that if the government does reach the national deficit, knowing that if they raised taxes all of America would be outraged, then all they would have to do is cut government spending, prioritizing its expenses and keeping the amount of money it spends within the governmental revenue, but both Democrats and Republicans would agree on not wanting to do that. America’s government and the running of said government is also particularly flawed, one of those flaws being the fact that America is too involved with other countries’ problems. Instead of using our money to better our environment and help ourselves we are busy playing “Good Samaritan” to other countries to get “allies” or to go around to possibly show off how much “better” America is due to our tendency to “help” and/or interfere with every other country that seems to be in need. Even when those countries don’t seem to want our generosity. For example, Egypt gets $1.5 billion a year from the U.S. but from a survey conducted by the PEW Research Center only 16% of the people in Egypt have a positive view of the U.S. If a country doesn’t like us or want us to help them, why should we help them when we could benefit so much more from helping ourselves? Another thing flawed about our government, is that the only people who truly have power or a say in politics are those who have money or those who have been there for long. Knowledge does come from experience, but sometimes a new voice can bring forth new ideas into the mix. How can we call ourselves equal when there is such an obvious unequal balance between those who are rich and have power and the average person. For instance, in a political campaign say Kate, a simple supporting citizen, votes for one party and gives a $25.00 donation , but when a senator with money goes to the same party and backs it up, Kate’s $25 dollar donation is drowned out by the loads of money the senator is willing to give. Moreover, if...
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