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Office Administration
Level Nine
Lesson Plan Week_________________________________

Time | Topic| Specific Objectives| Content | Previous Knowledge | Teacher’s Activity | Student’s Activity | Recourses | Evaluation | 70 Min| Office Administration | Students will be able to 1. what is an office 2. identify the role and functions of the office3. describe the role and function of the office | In order to conduct a business, a plan (office) must be provided where the manager(s) & staff can run the affairs of the business. This place can be a small or large room or several rooms or buildings.The office of an organization is where management and staff carry out the administrative, communicative, reprographic and clerical activity.The role of the office in the business activities is to perform a secondary function in the organization by providing the necessary office services for the various department that are involved in production, distribution and exchange of goods & servicesThe role of the office in business activities1. production of goods/services2. distribution of goods/services3. exchange of goods/services| Students know what an office looks like.| Introduction Guide discussion on what is an officeDevelopmentGive students handouts base on the function of the office Guide discussion on the role and function of the office.Guide students on writing small notes on the role and function of the office.Conclusion Guide the quiz; ask students question base on the role and function of the office Evaluation 1. List three business activities that would be carried on by the firm.2. Descried the role of the office in relation to any one of the activities listed above.| Brainstorm, Participated in the discussionRead hand outParticipate in the discussion....
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