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IBquiz week 1

Question 1

Which of the following terms describes foreign direct investment most accurately?

Directly investing in, controlling, and managing value-added activities in other countries. Directly investing in, controlling, and managing value-added activities in other markets. Directly investing in shares of a multinational enterprise. All of these answers

Question 2

In high masculinity societies:

women are increasingly likely to become politicians and soldiers. men frequently assume the role of nurses, teachers, and househusbands. there is a sharp role differentiation along gender lines.

members place a premium on job security.

Question 3

Which of the following is NOT one of the three "middle-of-the-road" guiding principles proposed by business ethicist Thomas Donaldson?

Firms should maintain and teach the ethical standards from their home country. All firms should show respect for human dignity and basic rights. Firms should gain careful understanding of local institutions if they wish to show respect for institutional context. Firms that show respect for local traditions suggests cultural sensitivity.

Question 4

A liability of foreignness is ____

the inherent advantage that foreign firms experience in host countries. the inherent disadvantage that foreign firms experience in host countries. the inherent advantage that foreign firms experience in home countries. the inherent disadvantage that foreign firms experience in home countries.

Question 5

An institutional framework if made up of:

regulatory and cognitive pillars.
formal and informal institutions.
the political, economic, and legal systems of countries.
None of these answers.

Question 6

According to the institution-based view, in situations where ____ constraints are unclear or fail, ____ constraints will play a larger role in reducing uncertainty and providing constancy to managers and firms.

informal, formal
formal, informal
cultural, regulatory
ethical, formal

Question 7

Social mobility refers to the degree to which :

members from a higher status move to a lower social category. members from a lower social category moves to a higher status. people from emerging economies move to developed economies. people from developed economies move to emerging economies.

Question 8

Political risk is associated with political changes that may negatively impact domestic and foreign firms. Which statement about political risk is correct?

Political risk only exists in communist countries.
Firms operating in democracies never confront political risk. Political risk is a myth.
Firms operating in democracies are subject to political risk.

Question 9

The firm that engages in foreign direct investment is:

a global firm.
a multinational enterprise.
an international enterprise.
a foreign direct investor.

Question 10

What defines the field of global business more than anything else?

The focus on firm performance around the globe
The focus on ROI of the global venture
The focus on maximizing profits while minimizing expenses
The focus on global expansion

Question 11

Which expression does the author use to describe contemporary globalization?

Global localization
Total globalization
Global standardization

Question 12

Which of the following definitions of the international/global business represents the author's view?

A business that engages in international economic activities. The action of doing business abroad.
Business around the globe including international and domestic business activities. All of these answers.

Question 13

____ is/are measured as the sum of value added by resident firms, households, and government operating in an economy.

Gross national product
Gross national income
Gross domestic...
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