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Topics: Ford Motor Company, Automotive industry, Corporate Average Fuel Economy Pages: 4 (1224 words) Published: December 30, 2012
Report for: Ford motor company

Title: Economics and the Business World

Date: 20th December 2012

Table of content


1) PESTLE Analysis

2) BP Market Structure

1.0 Introduction

I am an economist that has recently joined Ford motor company, and I have been asked to compile a report to investigating the PESTEL factors which ford are or have been faced with and identifying their main area of concern. This report will also provide a detailed look on the market structure within ford and it operations, and explore the impact it places on the performance of the company. Finally the report will make a conclusion based on all of the findings.

2.0 Brief history of the company

Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company, currently the third largest carmaker in the world, with the Dodge Brothers in 1903. While Henry Ford has been building motor vehicles before this, 1903 is the year when he, supported by twelve investors, established the famous company. Ford's first cars were named chronologically with letters: the model A was introduced in 1903 for example. In 1904 Ford introduced the world famous T Model that was to become a symbol of the American motorcar industry. Ford Motor Company continued to expand overseas, looking for other possible investments. In 1979 they bought a quarter of the Japanese carmaker Mazda, in 1987 Ford bought Aston Martin and in 1989 Ford acquired Jaguar. In 1999 Ford acquired Volvo and Land Rover in 2000. In 2003 Ford Motor Company celebrated its 100th birthday and it introduced a series of special commemorative cars, such as the new Ford Mustang. In the recent years Ford has faced some financial problems (the company reported losses of over $12 billion for the 2006 fiscal year) that led to the selling of some of the brands from the Ford group: Aston Martin, Jaguar and Land Rover.  As gas prices in the United States continue to soar the Ford Motor Company will need to keep pace with current...
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