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Topics: Economics, Macroeconomics, Bankruptcy in the United States Pages: 21 (5506 words) Published: September 13, 2013
Unit Outline 2013 Faculty of Business, Government & Law Semester 2 2013

Economics for Managers G


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General Information
Unit title: Economics for Managers G


Unit number: 6234


Semester and year offered: Semester 2, 2013


Credit point value: 3


Unit level: G


Name of Unit Convener and contact details (including telephone and email) Professor Phil Lewis Ph (02) 6201 2705 Email: Room 11B15 Unit Manager / Tutor Bilal Rafi You should address all enquiries to the Unit Manager. Appointments can be made by email.


Administrative contact details (including name, location, telephone and email)

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Australian Government Higher Education (CRICOS) Registered Provider number: #00212K


Academic Content
Unit description and learning outcomes

The content of this unit is especially designed for graduate students and provides an examination of economic principles and theories essential to an understanding of current economic problems and economic policy analysis. The syllabus includes both microeconomics and macroeconomics. The essentials of microeconomics are examined including the theory of market systems and the price mechanism, consumer demand theory, resource allocation and the theory of the firm concentrating on production and cost analysis principles. The macroeconomics component examines the inter-relationship between the main economic variables. Microeconomic reform and fiscal monetary policy measures are examined and related to Australia’s economic problems of unemployment, inflation and economic growth. At the end of this unit students should have learned the basic skills of economics and how to apply them in practical business situations. On successful completion of this unit students should be able to:     2b Demonstrate a critical understanding of fundamental economic theories and concepts and how to apply them in practical business situations; Demonstrate a sound understanding of the forces that shape the Australian economy; Appreciate how social, economic, legal and political forces interact and the role of key economic institutions; and Demonstrate an understanding of the economic and policy environment both in Australia and internationally and how it relates to the decision making of businesses. Generic skills

On completing this unit students will have further developed the following generic skills: • • • • • • • • • • Communication (e.g. through written hand-in, class presentation and discussion) Information literacy and numeracy (e.g. through research for hand-in and case studies) Use of information and communication technology (e.g. use of electronic resources for learning and assessment items) Problem solving (e.g. through discussion, case studies and exploration of alternative approaches in class) Working with others (e.g. through participation in class) Effective workplace skills (e.g. presentation skills, collaboration, critical thinking, and discussion) Professional ethics (e.g. through consideration of ethical aspects of firms, markets and government) Social responsibility (e.g. through an informed and ethical approach to economic issues) Lifelong learning (e.g. encourage the maintenance of interest in economics) Personal attributes (e.g....
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