Economics Ncert Chapter 1

Topics: Capital, Agriculture, Laborer Pages: 2 (751 words) Published: August 21, 2013

Q1. How did the spread of electricity help the people of Palampur? Ans: Electricity helped farmers in running the tubewells in the field and is also used for carrying out various small scale business in the village. The electricity run tubewells, irrigate larger areas of land in more effective manner that Persian wheels which were earlier used to draw water from the wells to irrigate the fields.

Q2. What are the different ways of increasing the production on the same piece of land? Ans: Following are the 5 different ways of increasing the production on the same piece of land: 1. Use of multiple cropping. It means growing more than one crop on a given piece of land at the same time. 2. Use of HYV’s. These can be used to produce much greater amounts of grain in a single plant. 3. Chemical fertilizers and Pesticides. Their use produce better results by providing sufficient materials to the soil and pesticides protecting the crops from pest attacks. 4. Modern equipments like tractors, threshers, which made ploughing and harvesting faster. 5. Tubewell irrigation. Electricity run tubewells irrigate much larger area in a more effective manner and increase the yields. Q3. How do medium and large farmers obtain capital for farming? How is it different from the small farmers? Ans: Medium and large farmers sell surplus farm produce in the market and earn good money. The money so earned is used to buy capital for farming in the next season. Thus medium and large farmers are able to arrange for capital for farming from their own savings. On the other hand, small farmers do not have their own savings because their production is small which is mainly used for fulfilling their own family needs. Small farmers therefore, avail loans from the medium and large farmers at very high rates of interest. Small farmers also borrow money from various inputs for cultivation. These farmers are put to a great distress to repay the loan.

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