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Topics: Minimum wage, Wage, Economics Pages: 5 (1742 words) Published: May 10, 2013
. While reading this document, it is understood that the social benefits to the minimum wage increase is valuable for families, and it will profit this province as a whole.  Economic aspects that further exhibit the advantage of increasing the minimum wage include assisting many who have buried themselves in debt a chance to escape with freedom, and persuades lower income workers to be less reliant on public services.  Lastly, the political factors which reveal continued advantages to increasing the minimum wage in Ontario are justice for hard employees who surrender all their time and barely get an adequate money supply, as well as defending many Ontarian workers from negligible income gains.  Therefore, as a result, minimum wage should be increased due to the social, political, and economic gains that are deemed beneficial for Ontario and its citizens.   Minimum wage should be increased due to social, economic, and political factors that are beneficial for Ontario.

A rise in our minimum wage is a beneficial move for Ontario due to the fact that it is good for families. "Government report indicates one in eight Ontario children lives in families that can't afford fresh fruits and vegetables every day, or can't afford to replace a broken appliance or share the occasional meal with friends, or family" ( Toronto Star, 2010). This shows that the cost of living in Ontario is high because many families are struggling to provide the basic necessities for their families. With an increase in minimum wage, families can cope with the cost of living in Ontario. "More money means more opportunities and allows students to fend for themselves" (The Toronto Star, 2010). This explains if there was an increase in our minimum wage students would have more opportunities, post-secondary education, or the ability to put more money into investments for growth. With more money, they can build their knowledge with advanced choices. "We have 28, 000 kids growing up in low- income households" (Flannery, 2012). This quote shows us that many children in the city of Hamilton are growing up in poverty, where parents or guardians are earning low incomes. Increasing the minimum wage can help alleviate low- income households and give families the chance to afford the high cost of living.

Minimum wage must be raised simply because it will benefit this province as a whole. "Ontario is falling behind the rest of Canada in terms of growing poverty, increasing inequality and flagging financial support for vital public services" (Flannery, 2012). This shows that Ontario is struggling with growing poverty. With a minimum wage increase, Ontario's financial insecurities will be lessened in the province. This will help support families across the province fight financial hardship. For Tom Cooper, director of Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction, the report findings of the joint effect of more than 90 labour and community groups that call themselves the Ontario Common Front, call for an increase in the living wage (Flannery, 2012). This quote shows that a demand for an increase of the living minimum wage should be one of Ontario's top priorities. That a majority of groups believe it is just for an increase for hard working people. "The finding that more and more people are working for less, Cooper, the director of Hamilton Roundtable for poverty reduction, calls for an increase in the living wage" (Flannery, 2012). This is a sign that shows the minimum wage should be increased because people are accepting this low paying salary. People have to fight for higher wages in order to get by in this tough economy, which we live in.

Minimum wage should be increased because it will help many people escape the debt they have trapped themselves into. "We have 30, 000 people in Hamilton who work every day and who simply don't earn enough to escape poverty" ( Flannery, 2012). This quote is explaining how difficult it...
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