Economics and Eco-tourism

Topics: Economics, Mexico, Ecotourism Pages: 2 (365 words) Published: September 24, 2008
Eco-tourism and cultural tourism as a sector is variant of the evolution of an economy and education. History is glorified in the text books and spread of awareness as per the changing trends in lifestyles and economies. Thus, tourism emerges. The urge to explore, experience and extricate, gives one an opportunity to travel. Reasons might be many so will be destinations. Therefore as the focus of a destination/region is seen in the potential growth in a sector, infrastructure takes the centre stand by vocalizing the prime need ‘facilities’. Inferring from these and numerous other reasons, regional development comes to limelight.

Eco-tourism and cultural tourisms are derivations of the parent tourism. One with a focus on three major aspects ……..1. Localism ……….2. Visitors ………..3.Environment. The other taking culture, history, tradition and heritage as nodes. This gives the government, development authorities and other related organizations a stream to think on the basis of the above mentioned facets, in order to frame their policies or draw guidelines etc. Eco-tourism handles one of the major aspect- environment, No/minimum hamper to the surrounding geography of the area. As environmental concerns increases ecotourism, sustainability and efficiency will be on the charts always. Ecotourism studies can handle issues related to these underlying aspects…………… Exploring eco-tourism --- The who what when why and how

1.What is eco-tourism , definition
2.tourism as a market segment
3.benefits of eco tourism (what it provides , to whom) , types 4.functional viewpoints of eco-tourism (who are they , what brings them here , sustaining them , economics of expenditure, mode of transport , places of stay , time of travel , what they want , duration of the visit/stay , why do they travel . - categories –age group , occupation , profession etc) management

7.impacts of eco-tourism (social , economic , geographic) , conflicts 8....
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