Topics: Inflation / Pages: 7 (1848 words) / Published: Jun 29th, 2014
Economics 1 Assignment
Name: Shaun Neo Wei Qiang
Student CT NO. : CT0209608
Date : 18th April 2014
Module : Economics 1
Lecturer : Mr Wong Hean Hoo


1) Introduction 2

2) Relating to the Article – Inflation 3

3) Some of the causes for inflation 4
4) Managing inflation 5

5) Conclusion 6

6) Biblology 7

7) Actual Article Selected 8

Page 1
The article I chose Is from Today Online(with approval from Mr. Wong), which is heavily categorized under inflation .Reasons for choosing article due to that its related to present findings and forecast of the general economy. MAS touches on the housing, labor markets, wage pressures and Inflation forecasts.
Economic Terms of Inflation
Inflation can be defined as a continual increase in prices for goods which happens over a period of several months usually. Whenever inflation strikes, the purchasing power of consumers declines and the ability to purchase goods drops. This means that during a period of Inflation, the $X of money you spend only allows you to purchase a smaller portion of what you used to be able to purchase (full portion) before inflation. It can also be deemed as money losing its value overtime. Comparison of the difference in CPI(Consumer Price Index) is also vital. CPI is made up 6,500 of goods and services pertaining to general items or services purchased by average households which can be also affected by the cost of imported goods and domestic cost pressures.

Relation Towards Article
The Article speaks about supplying newly built homes to reduce housing rental activity so as to be able to ease inflation. MAS also mentioned the Monetary policy stance, implemented on April 2012, was assessed and deemed appropriate due to considering factors of risks between external demand uncertainties and rising domestic inflationary pressures. The Monetary policy adjusts the

Bibliography: 2012 Real Estate Recap. (2012). Singapore Property. Retrieved 18 April 2014, from COE prices over the years Kaplan Study Guide Economics 1. (2014) (1st ed., p. 1). MAS cuts inflation forecast, but wage pressure remains. (2014). TODAYonline. Retrieved 18 April 2014, from Population density (people per sq

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