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Managerial Economics Final Project
Fajwa’s Apparel Outlets
Iqra Fayyaz (10223004)
Malik Usman Khan (10223001)
Sufyan Adil (10223024)
Jabbar Ahmed(10223006)
Mohd. Salman (08110104)
Instructor: Dr. Tasneem Akhtar
GIFT Business School
GIFT University

In the name of ALLHA ALMIGHITY the lord of the world who has bestowed us with abilities and blessed with knowledge so that we can make best of opportunities provide to us. First of all we are indebted toward ALLHA ALMIGHTY who has created us and made capable enough to with stand in the competitive world. If words could pay gratitude then we would like to pay our esteem gratitude to our most respected Dr. Tasneem Akhtar for assigning us this project of Managerial Economics. Throughout the course period he has been extremely cooperated with us and guided us at every single step he has been very encouraging and kind to us. At the end we just want to thanks to our families, because they tolerated us when we don’t able to give time to them and become one of the main reasons of cancelation of many outdoor trips.

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Fajwa’s business profile
Business opportunity
Business objectives
Importance of study
Key customer
Market size
Opportunity size
Product line
Demand analysis
Supply analysis
Costing analysis
Revenue analysis
Market type
Long run strategy

The final project of Managerial economics is related to on starting of new business or venture. This study evolved around to identify the demand analysis of your product which you are going to offer to consumers through new business. There is also involved costing analysis which includes total cost, total revenue and profitability analysis also. There is also involved competitors analysis, market type and structure, factors which influence on the demand and supply of your product. FAJWA’S

Just Look Beautiful

Fajwa’s is an entrepreneurial business activity which is established on theme of give one place where person get full apparel accessories as per his/her requirement to look beautiful. The main aim of this business is to provide best services to our customers and quality products to fulfill their dreams related to their look stylish and beautiful. The main objective behind this business is to achieve competitive edge and fulfill of customer’s dreams and desires. FAJWA’S BUSINESS PROFILE

Fajwa’s as a dress up or apparel store which is going to provide services as per customer’s requirements and satisfying customers needs and fulfill their dreams by providing everything which male or female need to look beautiful and stylish. In one place customer get matching dress, shoes, jewelry etc. In our venture, we follow latest trend and fashion as per customers design and style and we also deliver their design as per customer specified time. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY OF FAJWA’S

The idea of this business develops when we analyze the fashion market in Pakistan and customers needs about fashion and trendy products and customer feeling about their looks and dressing. Today everyone life is too busy, people have to travel from one city to another for less prices product. We are going to provide one platform to customers where they can easily get anything related to their and overall getup cloth, jeweler, shoes and handbags and wallets designs. We are providing these services in cities like Sialkot, Gujranwala and Gujarat. There some opportunities which we grap from economy by providing quality products and services. We are providing one platform where consumer can anything which enhance their look and personality while taking a dress get matching jewelry, shoes etc. Sialkot, Gujranwala and Gujarat are the region where one full apparel store is not established. As a first mover advantage we take a competitive advantage. After conducting survey, we analyze...
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