Topics: Renewable energy, Fossil fuel, Wind power Pages: 4 (1189 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Whether the energy needs of a society depend on wood to provide the basic cooking and heating requirements of village life, or on the immensely varied fuel mix of the industrialized nations with their highly complex production and distribution systems, civilization is impossible without an adequate energy supply. In industrialized societies the situation is further complicated by the competition between the use of fossil fuel as an energy source and their vital role as raw materials for the pertochemical industries, which produce plastics, fertilizers, animal feedstocks, pharmaceuticals, and industrial gases. Thus the so-called energy problem has implications for the whole structure of modern societies. Renewable resources are those which will replenish themselves naturaly in a relatively short time and will therefore always be avialable. They include: Geothermal Energy - which arises through the leakage of heat from the Earth's interior to the surface. Turbine generator worked through the heat of water coming from underneath the earth. While the turbine is working, mechanical energy produces electricity. Hydroelectric Power - the energy coming from water. Dams are built and when water pass through here, the mechanical energy from the turbines produces electricity.] Solar Energy - the energy coming from the heat of sun, can be used to produce electricity by means of solar cells or panels. Wind Power - the windmills produced mechanical energy when blown by wind. The mechanical energy produced here is the one that produces electric energy, like other sources of energy. Biomass Energy - energy from bio fuels such as:

cultivated crops
crop residue
natural waste
domestic and industrial refuses
Malaking tulong ang yamang enerhiya sa mga tao para sa ikagagaan at...
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