Economic Sustainability

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Chapter2:Economic sustainability
Blackground of Swire Coca-Cola HK
Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong Limited (Swire Coca-Cola HK Ltd.) In Hong Kong has the franchise of Coca-Cola and the Coca-Cola brand products. Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong's major soft drink manufacturer. The company employs nearly fourteen hundred employees, operate 17 production lines, the annual production of more than 60 million cases of drinks. In addition to Coca-Cola, the company also produces Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Vanilla Coke

Swire Pacific holds a 87.5% stake in
The Coca-Cola Company holds a 12.5% ​​stake in

Siu Lek Yuen, Shatin, Swire bottling (Yuen Shun Circuit, 17-19) Yeung Uk Road 100 (demolished)
Swire Quarry Bay Street, Hong Kong soft drink (demolished)

"Coca-Cola" This well known household brand, has over 80 years of history in Hong Kong so far.

1928 The first bottle of "Coca-Cola"® on sale in Hong Kong.

1960s Hong Kong's first Coca-Cola bottling plant in operation, when the bottling plant located in Tsuen Wan, Quarry Bay, responsible for modulation glass bottle of "Coca-Cola"®. 1970s Coca-Cola glass bottle is very popular, "Coca-Cola" introduced the "Sprite"®, "Fanta"® and "Yuquan"® cream, as well as widely familiar "Hi-C"® Lemon Tea.

1980s Hong Kong's economy took off, "Coca-Cola" added more variety to their drinks taste, such as "Diet Coke"®

1991 Siu Lek Yuen bottling plant was officially opened, 143 meters high, is far the highest in the world Coca-Cola bottling plant. At the same time, we also launched more beverage products, "Coca-Cola" have also introduced different packaging capacity to meet the needs of consumers and provide more choice. 2000 "Coca-Cola" continue to provide consumers in Hong Kong rich variety of uniquely flavored drinks, "Coca-Cola" become more outside the U.S. market. For example, Hong Kong is the first launch of "lemon-flavored Diet Coke"® area.

Recent years "Coca-Cola" launched several innovative drinks : sugar-free "Coke Zero"®, "Schweppes"® sparkling drinks "Nescafe"® and "Nestea"®, "Chun. Chashe"®, "glacéau vitaminwater"®, and integrating the wisdom of Chinese medicine that drink herbal drinks "Health Works"® for the health-conscious consumer. Chapter3:Economic sustainability


A SWOT analysis is a tool, used in management and strategy formulation. It can help to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Treats of a company.

Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors that create value or destroy value. They can include assets, skill, or resources that a company has at its disposal, compares to its competitors.

Opportunities and threats are external factors that create value or destroy value. A company cannot control them, but they emerge from demographic, economic, political, technical, social, legal or cultural factors. Coca-Cola's internal environmental assessment of the internal and external business environment to provide efficiency in the production process, use the management skills of its staff and the appropriate communication channels. Management of the company, in order to avoid any stage in the low-efficiency production line, it continuously monitors the internal environment. Other cola external business environment can affect the entire company because it is a powerful force, it can bring about change, to create opportunities and threats in the beverage market, this power fluctuations, changing consumer habits and value​​, legal restrictions, etc. The environment around a company is the main factor affecting its sustainability.

Internal| Strengths * Unique taste * Well known * Branding obvious and easily recognized * Customer loyalty * A lot of finance * Accomplished Staff & Benefactor * Strong sales channels, sales network and marketing strategies| Weaknesses * Result of low profile or non-existent advertising * Health issues * Word of mouth| External|...
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