Economic Research Project on Equity Bank of Nigeria Ltd

Topics: Bank, Inflation, Central bank Pages: 31 (9669 words) Published: April 23, 2005

Economics for Business Module Project

Prepared By: Oluchi Ezem
Student Number: 841614
Date: April 20, 2005
Course: MBA-BE-050310-01

Economic Research Project on Equity Bank of Nigeria Limited______________________


1.Objectives ------------------------------------------------------------------ 4 2.Introduction ---------------------------------------------------------------- 6 3.Chapter 1: The Company and The Product------------------------ 7 1.1Background --------------------------------------------- 7 1.2Structure ------------------------------------------------- 8 1.3Directors' Interest -------------------------------------- 8 1.4Financials ------------------------------------------------ 9 1.4.1Balance Sheet ------------------- 9

1.4.2Profit and Loss Account ----- 10
1.4.3Performance Ratios ---------- 10
1.5Products and Services ------------------------------ 11
1.6Treasury and Financial Services ------------------ 11
1.6.1Commercial Deposits --------- 11
1.6.2Electronic Banking ------------ 12

4.Chapter 2: Industrial Context and Competition ------------------- 15 2.1The Nigerian Business Environment ------------- 15
2.2The Banking Industry ---------------------------------16 2.3The Players -------------------------------------------- 17 2.4Result of consolidation ------------------------------ 17 2.5Competition -------------------------------------------- 18

5.Chapter 3: My Company: Labour, Capital and Government – 20 3.1Labour --------------------------------------------------- 20 3.2Capital --------------------------------------------------- 22 3.3Government -------------------------------------------- 22

6.Chapter 4: The Macroeconomic Context of Doing Business -- 24 Figure 1: Nigeria: Crude Oil Prices -------------------- 24 Figure 2: Nigeria: External Reserves ----------------- 25
Figure 3:Nigeria: Inflation Rates ----------------------- 26 Figure 4:Nigeria: Exchange Rates -------------------- 27

7.Chapter 5: Some Strategic Lessons --------------------------------- 29 5.1Threats --------------------------------------------------- 29 5.2Opportunities ------------------------------------------- 30 5.3Weaknesses ------------------------------------------- 31 5.4Strengths ----------------------------------------------- 32 5.5Strategic issues and conclusion ------------------ 33

8.Appendix 1: Five year financial summary of Equity Bank ----- 35 9.Appendix 2: Tows Analysis of Equity Bank of Nigeria Ltd ---- 36 10.Appendix 3: Documentary References --------------------------- 37


"Economics for Business" is an MBA module that has been packaged in such a way that a student would be able to apply the economic concepts learned to actual business situations. In line with the above, this project has been designed to show the application of some of the economic concepts learned to the company I presently work for – EQUITY BANK OF NIGERIA LIMITED.

"Chapter 1: The Company & The Product" describes the bank and the products and services it deal with. A brief historical perspective and its organizational structure are presented in addition to a description of the location of its physical facilities. Emphasis was laid on the features of the financial products/services; their uniqueness and usefulness where not overlooked.

Next is a description of the banking industry in which Equity Bank operates. In this chapter, "Industrial Context & Competition", an overview of the industry was analyzed; its present outlook and future possibilities. The challenges ahead of it and the competition it faces due to changing technology were also considered.

An in depth analysis of the effect of labour and government in the life of the company was discussed in "Chapter 3: My Company, Labour, Capital and Government". The labour mix required in the company was...
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