Economic Problems Faced by Pakistan

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History Of Pakistan

Economic Problems Faced by Today’s Pakistan

Table of Contents
Corruption & Political Instability5
Over Population, Unemployment & Inflation6
International Interference8
Recent Floods9
Long-Term Effects of Pakistan Floods9


Pakistan was established in 1947 and since its inception; it has been surrounded by countless issues, some of which are confined to ill-formed/missing infrastructure, insufficient refined resources, barren or obsolete factories and technologies, the Kashmir controversy and other fronts also involving an ever-ready enemy to underscore its efforts towards progress. Despite being rich in natural resources, Pakistan has so far been a developing country with limited development in every era due to the economic problems it has been facing. In the following text we will shed light on some of the major problems faced by Pakistan as a country, today.  

Following are some of the important factors that are disturbing Pakistan’s Economy:

• Poverty
• Illiteracy
• Corruption & Political Instability
• Over Population, Unemployment & Inflation
• International Interference
• Terrorism/Extremism
• And The Recent Floods


Poverty is the biggest and most intractable issue Pakistan has been facing since 4 decades and it still prevails today as an unresolved disparity. According to an analysis conducted by the government of Pakistan and published on the website “” (the higher education commission of Pakistan) shows that the poverty has recently increased from a figure of 30% to 40% during the past decade. Consider that if 40% of a country’s population is earning below the very standards required to live, surviving on a poverty-line in which people are practically deprived of their most basic necessities such as clothing, shelter, food, education and medication. The families living under such conditions have been forced to think of their basic survival as a purpose of life, depriving them from any form of growth as a society. The problem can only be addressed and some what rectified by implementing solutions that reduce the population growth rate at such areas, increase their agricultural output through subsidies and boost agricultural exports – thus raising the income level in the rural areas where majority of the poor population resides.


According to the government of Pakistan, a literate person is defined as any person aged 15 or above who can “read” and “write”. According to this definition, Pakistanis have officially been reported to have a 50% literacy rate, which clearly means that half of its population is currently illiterate. And the other half which is considered to be literate; is still being judged over a definition that in no way justifies the educational standard of our so called literate population. With such family backgrounds and societal flaws, inflation, poverty and child labor, this rate is expected to increase far more than expected in the future. As mentioned earlier, even those who are coined as “Literate” qualify to read and write on grounds with no appropriate infrastructure, which in today’s technology oriented world and its international standards, still considers Pakistan’s illiteracy far more than is recorded in the books. That being said, even a huge majority of our controlling tier is still unaware and unequipped of such technologies and technical mindsets, thus, causing the country to adopt the new technologies at a snail’s speed.

Corruption & Political Instability

Pakistan is suffering from a huge fatal problem also known as “Establishment”. Every vital department in Pakistan is controlled by the so called dilemma of creating “Future Establishment”. Establishment is a network of key positions in almost all of the departments in the country. This network provides support and...

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